Starting Over About Project Looking Glass

Brient Hess
5 min readMar 12, 2023

(I wrote this because the Vatican seemed to create a years-long drama in my life that involved this project, after just barging in one day from the ether and trying to tell me how to live my life.)

I’ve written before about Project Looking Glass, and maybe I need to start over. There is something going on that is so shameful with the Vatican priesthood that I need to discuss.

Apparently, all some people comprehend about what’s going on with this project is, “Catholic spirits are appearing to me more than they used to, and I don’t understand.” Even for some Catholics practicing, they feel like, “Why is Rome breathing down my neck more than they used to…?” and it might not be clear at first.

It’s might quite possibly be involved with Project Looking Glass, and it’s involved with time travel. Some other authors report that they believe the Vatican has some kind of “Magical Angel Computer” in it that’s computing time travel scenarios, and the “magic monks” are assisting people involved with time travel research — which is all of us.

Believe it or not, the priesthood really wants to micromanage Joe Biden differently on varying timelines, and this is quite possibly going to effect your personal “time travel life” if you have an experience of time travel, as so many people do.

Now, you have no say in which angel helps you make decisions about your time travel life according to the Vatican. They want the priesthood to make the decision about which guardian angel figure you have, and not let you have a choice in it, which you actually can through certain magical rituals.

Personally, I feel like a major element of Project Looking Glass is an effort by a Vatican priesthood to micromanage our lives. They want to inject themselves into every element of your life as much as possible using Project Looking Glass, and not just the time travel element. Did I mention they want you to thank them for their unwanted intrusions into your life?

I was around certain Catholics a lot growing up as part of my schooling, though I wasn’t raised Catholic, and I feel like I wouldn’t want Rome micromanaging my life forever and ever — especially my spiritual life. Nuns were around me when I was growing up, and they scared me.

What’s desired by many in the Vatican involved with the project is that you thank them for having micromanagitis with your life — that you, a person who may not be Catholic practicing, may not appreciate. They really want you to show gratitude to the Holy See for their unwanted summoning of priests or nun spirits especially to have micromanagitis with your life.

It’s not that simple. I like working with spirits that might be deemed heretical by some, like Ma’at and Isis and other spirits of the Egyptian Mystery School when I’m working with my ka — what would be called “chi” to Taoist practitioners. I like to do this during morning meditation practices.

I don’t feel like I’m an immoral person to be an animist and not repent. The spirits of the tribe are real to the tribe. I don’t feel like I need a priesthood from Rome to tell me which spirits are allowed to work with and which are not. It’s my spiritual life, for crying out loud!

When the priesthood spirits just left in a huff about the practice of Egyptian magic that I was beginning to embrace years ago, they seemed to want to disallow me to work with the spirits of Greece either, who have such an ancient relationship with those of Egypt. I sense the priesthood might deprive me of working with Astraea or Eos, because some among them deem the existence of Isis and Ma’at heretical.

I really appreciated working with those two as angelic guides also, and there are those in the Vatican priesthood who would deprive people of any angelic guide without their being in control of your life. I get the distinct impression this priesthood doesn’t mix well with strong divine feminine figures especially — they want to completely manage your relationship with any divine masculine and feminine figures in your life, and deprive you of spiritual autonomy by making you dependent on the priesthood.

Once, just out of nowhere, I had one of the magic monks appear and do like a fluffing of my pillows. This has been the exception to the norm with my experience of them. I was suspicious at first, because the majority of other presences that had appeared to me with regards to Project Looking Glass before this always wanted something from me. They were extractive. They didn’t add value to my life, say “a good deed is its own reward,” and just leave after fluffing my pillows like this presence who was introduced to me as “Luciano” did once — I’m afraid the majority of spiritual presences I’ve experienced in connection with this project I’ve experienced just want something for the Holy See from me for “being the Holy See.”

If you’ve also experienced more extractive spiritual presences from Rome in your life lately, it might be in connection with Project Looking Glass.

One day, one of the “magic monks” appeared to me, and I had a, “Let me introduce the ‘true’ leader of Project Looking Glass” moment, as I recall. One of my concerns is about that spirit who appeared to me in connection with Project Looking Glass, was that he said to me, “I’m actually a Jesus, not the Jesus.” I’m afraid this goes back to the Schism with why people seem to have differing psychic perceptions of what this spiritual figure tells them, but that might be another book entirely. I’m certain some consider this an occult secret.

I noticed I felt disturbed by the priesthood seeming to reveal this presence to me. (I didn’t sense the presence of phantoms at the time.) People who really want “A Jesus Not The Jesus” to run my life, would also deprive me of my choice of guardian angel?

You don’t get to get away with just anything because you’re a nun. You don’t have to let the priestly class run your life by means of this project. It helps to try and set boundaries as soon as you notice these priestly or nun presences, and there are certain magical or ritual practices that can help.

I, for one, say: fie! Fie on the priesthood in Rome for asking those of us who embrace a healthy relationship with the divine feminine to deprive us of our personal choices.

(In the weeks since I originally wrote this, I noticed my original “Awkward Friar” was a Servant of Furfur, believed to be a fallen angel. I’ve seen him go into the light of Furfur, “angel of lies” several times, and I’m worried “My lies are good because they serve the Church,” is happening with parties connected to Project Looking Glass beyond him.)



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